Cool and cloudy

No rain yet, but I am hoping…

Bob and Sue (friends from Iowa) took off this morning pretty early. We had fun with them as usual. Bob helped get rid of lots of p dogs it sounds like and then caught a few fish yesterday, then we all went in to Spearfish and ate supper at the Bum Steer, good place to eat we always enjoy.

Sue helped me move the heifers a bit farther south. Wind was blowing so they acted like the silly little girls they are. Cindy and Sue decided Bob (the dog) needed a haircut. When I awoke from my snooze, they had shorn all his matted locks. I guess when he figured out they weren’t hurting him he just stood there and licked their faces. Silly dog. Pictures of the poor forlorn sheared puppy to follow…

Here’s a picture or two of the yearling move.

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