Hotter than Hades!

Got up over 100 today. Kelvin and I rode down south to the next door neighboring pasture and failed in our attempt to bring back a strayed heifer. Dumb little rip wouldn’t drive lead or drag worth a darn. Perhaps with the right application of some braided kangaroo hide tomorrow we will change her mindContinue reading “Hotter than Hades!”

Must be the rosin weed….

Or Curlycup Gumweed if you prefer. Nasty little weed that even the grasshoppers won’t eat. Not sure what it’s good for, but it must be what is causing my allergies to kick in. Up last night and the night before, itching and scratching. Took some anti itching pills and eventually went back to sleep forContinue reading “Must be the rosin weed….”

Me and the boys

Moved the squeeze chute back into the corral and then dug all the oily gravel out of the shed and replaced it with clean new gravel. There was extra left so we dumped it into the holes in the yard so now we can have new holes! Sure wish I could flatten them out better,Continue reading “Me and the boys”