Must be the rosin weed….

Or Curlycup Gumweed if you prefer. Nasty little weed that even the grasshoppers won’t eat. Not sure what it’s good for, but it must be what is causing my allergies to kick in. Up last night and the night before, itching and scratching. Took some anti itching pills and eventually went back to sleep for awhile. This morning I got an appointment with a nice lady doctor in Sturgis and I think she is going to make it bearable. Got several different pills I will be (and am) taking and basically just more of them than I normally would.

This afternoon, Delbert dropped off his dart gun and some med for a foot sore bull. Fr Tyler and Cindy went with me to see me use it. Worked well. guess i will have to invest in one, tho’ I am sure Delbert would be willing to rent his for a reasonable fee.

Got a new tree in the other day and skeleton rigged it and been riding it on Charlie. It is full Quarter horse bars which means they are a bit wider and flatter at the front so as to fit them no to low withered horses. Charlie is going well, didn’t even try to buck the last couple ride. And got him to walk home after the horses which is quite a feat as gassy as he is.

I go pick up Kelvin, my Danish friend, tomorrow at the airport. Then we will be busy! Got Laramie coming to shoe horse on Wednesday and I am, sure we will be ahorseback every day after Kelvin gets here. He came early so as to get in on the Artist Ride. I think I will ride some colts while I have him here to go along for my colts to follow a broke horse. This new saddle, I worked on the cantle quite a bit and it really feels good. Talked to a tree maker about how the cantle on a bronc saddle is made and tried to mimic that and think I’ve got it pretty close. I’ve always been pretty happy with my ground seats, but wasn’t aware I could do this and make them feel so secure….cool! Supposed to get wind and cooler on Wednesday.Got an email with the picture that is supposed to go on the cover of the new Cd and man! It is way cool! Brenda has so much talent it’s scary!

4 thoughts on “Must be the rosin weed….

  1. Hope you feel better soon! Out here it’s the ragweed and although I’m not allergic it gives the rest of the family fits. Looking forward to your CD and hope you will maybe be marketing it where we easterners can buy it. Every time your song comes on the play list in the barn I have to stop and listen. You do good.

  2. Well thanks! Yes, I may market it thru’ an online site where you can buy an individual song or just announce it on this site and you can buy direct from me..glad you enjoyed the one I could send you. These, recorded in a studio are much better, I think.

  3. Can’t wait for you to have the CD done. I have the words to Spring Morning Dance wired now. Too bad I can’t sing at all. šŸ™‚ CD Baby seems like good place for small independent artist. (likely where you are already planning to go)

  4. Yeah Mike, the place that will make all the CD’s up will hook you up to them and maybe another place or two also. I am not sure if it is cost effective or not, but it’s probably a good way to sell a song or two and maybe get some people interested who will never get to listen to me personally, I suppose…always the MAN putting us down! Trying to take all our blood sweat and toil and making a profit on it! Damn dirty, filthy SONSA…………. oh, sorry, just channeled, my inner hippie, rebel, for a second there….

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