12 hours later…..

Well, I caught a few winks this morning and had a nice little snooze after dinner….Went and got some salt to go with the stuff I got in town yesterday with Cindy’s car and filed it up with fuel. We went out this afternoon and put the salt and zinc mixture for footrot out and some lime around the tanks and then Cindy did some target practice with her new pistola… It’s a short 38 and she was a bit tentative at the recoil. At the end I had her just point and squeeze off 5 rounds and I would have sure hated to be what she was aiming at…… She just needs to shoot it a bit more and get comfortable with it. If she has to shoot a crippled deer or anything else….. I think she will be fine. Do not make her angry or threaten her! 😉 Tazer and now this pistol…. I am not sure this is a good thing……

Supposed to go to the neighbors this evening as they are bucking some horses out. going to take a couple along and let them try them out if they want. We will see what these little Halfies will do coming out of a chute. I doubt it will be much but they might just make excellent practice horses for these young fellers…

Got warm and we had wind. Clouds to the west, come on rain! PLease…..

2 thoughts on “12 hours later…..

  1. Hey pard you got notin to worry about… if Cindy was going ta kill ya she’d a done it years ago with that big ol fry pan whill you slept. 🙂

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