Me and the boys

Moved the squeeze chute back into the corral and then dug all the oily gravel out of the shed and replaced it with clean new gravel. There was extra left so we dumped it into the holes in the yard so now we can have new holes! Sure wish I could flatten them out better, but for some reason a crooked loader and my crooked eyes never do a very good job. And I don’t notice it until after we are all done.

While the boys took a nap after lunch I worked on making one of these foam trees from a Homestead fork to a slick fork, like a 3B or an old Vasilia. Then we went and the boys rode the little horses while I instructed them. Then Gabe rode Beaver and I rode Mijo and we went south and doctored a sick yearling. Cindy and Lige had baked potato’s and meatloaf about done. Now I am way too full, but still think I shall have some chocolate ice cream…. Cooler today but still plenty warm. Windy so it helped.

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