Hotter than Hades!

Got up over 100 today. Kelvin and I rode down south to the next door neighboring pasture and failed in our attempt to bring back a strayed heifer. Dumb little rip wouldn’t drive lead or drag worth a darn. Perhaps with the right application of some braided kangaroo hide tomorrow we will change her mind and attitude.

We decided it was going to get too hot to do much else so we went to Rapid and went on a shopping trip. Money was left in that fair city and also in Spearfish where we went in search of banded collar shirts for Kelvin. I got a new chain on the chainsaw and left the old one for sharpening.

I got a pair of fairly cheap priced Ariat boots as Cindy has been after me forever to try a pair. We shall now see….

5 thoughts on “Hotter than Hades!

  1. I will never forget the 100+ weather when Christy was born in Rapid City at Regional West in 1978. The hospital didn’t have air conditioning in the rooms. It was miserable.

  2. Didn’t think you guys ever got in the 100’s!
    Gonna take “Miss Nellie Belle” on short road trip! Proud to have your brand on her! Thanks for letting me post it for all to see! You will love your new Ariats! I love both my pairs!
    Have a great day tomorrow! It is a gift!

  3. You might like your Ariats. Not bad for rubber (or is it plastic) soled factory made in China boots. Some how I kinda think you tend more to slick leather soles on boots made by hand somewhere in North America. They certainly cost less, I think you have to toss em once they get worn a bit as I don’t think they can be repaired. So instead of putting new soles on you have to go get another pair.

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