Me and Sam

Drove Purple up west this morning after I made a new key to turn on the tank up there. We talked pirate and sailed the Purple Pearly and fought off several other pirate ships that tied to attack us. It was tuff, but we pirates are a tough bunch…. argggggg…

This afternoon, Delbert brought his dart gun over and we went up and gave a bull who was starting to get foot rot a shot. Pretty slick deal but costly. But better than having to rope and doctor him.

I mounted a hydraulic cylinder on the mower after fixing the broken pin on it. Works much better now. So I mowed the stack yard across the road.

Just got a call and a feller I knew in high school is in the area and going to drop in.

Not too hot today and some wind. Rode Charlie horse tonight and he did well after an extensive training session about getting caught.

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