Sam and I…

Took the tractor and mower and went up west and cut some thistles…the horses was all almost in the corral so we ran them in when we got done and Sam had a go riding Beav in the corral. He’s a bit too short armed to do a very good job, but Beav was real patient with him, of course. Then we worked on fixing the squeeze chute until time for lunch, came in and ate “pirate worms” -Raman noodles- had a  nap, then went back to chute fixing until Gramma got home. We took salt and some zinc to mix with it up west to the cows and then worked with Crackerjack this evening.  Tomorrow I will meet his mother in Rapid and drop him off and bring Gabe and Lige home with me. I think Gabe and Charlie will pair up real good! Cooler, with some wind and now a little rain with a little lightning…some chatter on the fire radio but nothing for fires reported yet.

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