Saddle insert prototype

This is my second attempt at making an insert that fits into a regular sized saddle so that little kids can ride bigger horses or even a pony if they don’t have a little saddle to fit them. Actually, my third as I made on similar to this for my kids, many years ago…

I wanted it to set down in and be secured, but to also be simple and easy to put in and take out, plus I wanted to be able to use it as a pad for fat little pony’s with little to no withers. i think it’s going to work. If I made another I would make it out of thicker leather and move the dee’s for the rigging as a pad slightly forward and a bit lower. Also, maybe move the straps fr the stirrups back a bit. Hard to see in the pictures but I made a loop up in front where a smaller child could hang on, instead of having to hold on to the horn. I put a little bit of a ground seat in it so that it wouldn’t spread a small child out quite so bad and also to make it a bit more ridged when used as a pad.

Here are some pictures of Sam using it on a bare cable rigged tree and also of the new pony, Charlie. Charlie has been spoiled by previous owners, but is light and responsive and once you get on and show him you will not tolerate bad behavior, he did well. I think if we can melt about 100 to 150 pounds off from hm and find his withers he will make an excellent kid pony. Time will tell.

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