Sweaty work

Chance and Hope and family along with Jacob, Hope’s cousin who is working with them this summer, all came out last night and spent the night as did Fr Tyler, so we had a bunch!

Got up this morning and ran down to Punkin’ Center and got some salt and vaccine. Came home and Chance and I saddled up and rode down and moved the yearlings, roped and doctored 7 and sorted the bulls off and brought them home and Paul came and got them this afternoon.

I caught and saddled Crackerjack and rode him a little in the round pen. He did real well. Didn’t offer to hump, just doesn’t know a lot. He is the little horse who was born from a very young mare and had real bad crooked front legs. We worked with him trying to make them better and we did, but I am afraid he will never stand much had house, but think he will be a dandy for some young people or a real light weight person.

Then Chance helped me trim on Tank the sire of these two unexpected foals this spring. He is wanting to rollover on one of his front feet. Chance has a horse who is similar and was showing me how to make him better, as he has his. Then Chance caught up Pard to go to his house for awhile. Poor ol Pilgrim got real thin and sick and we are trying to get him back in shape. He’s getting there but it’s a slow process and expensive with the feed he needs. He will stay here and get fat and shiny and I may even ride him once in awhile, tho Lord knows I got plenty of others to choose from! The kids left and so Gabe and I went out to work with Charlie and Gramma helped Lige to get Squirt saddled up and he rode around while we worked with Charlie. I rode him first and worked on some of his attitude problem then Gabe rode him and got along real well and did a great job. He’s got good hands, good instincts and listens and takes direction well.

Now, I need a shower!

Pictures from the day…

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