Another warm one…

Went out and decided to try and cut some more of the road ditch, as what the heck, it wouldn’t take much fuel and it would give me and the team some exercise. I decided I’d just cut a short distance where it was really green and a bit taller. Made one short round and broke the mower….. hmmm….so, seeing as I had a doctors appointment in Rapid, I’d just go get the part. Just a short solid iron shaft. Drove to New Underwood and stopped at Slim and Darlene’s and dropped off a carving pattern for Slim. Drove to Raid, dropped the trailer off at Cabela’s where I got some more ammo for Gramma and then on to get the part. they had to order it. Won’t be in until probably Monday… cost $74 bucks! Wow, I wasn’t aware it was made of a precious metal!They are supposed to call when it comes in and maybe Gramma will go around that way and pick it up for me. Went and ate a quick bite, went to the doc’s, got xrays and a shot in the shoulder (feels much better) and then on and hooked up with Chance as they were in town for some stuff. he and Sam hung out with me and we went and looked at and poicked up a pony.. yeah, I know, just what I need, another horse, but on the up side, Charlie is not very big and he is real fat, so he won’t take much food for sometime as he needs to go on a diet. And I didn’t pay for him. See how we get along and then probably swap for some beef. Supposed to be a Hackney Pony, but looks like a bigger Shetland and seems to have the right attitude for that too. I guess he will just have to find out about less feed on demand and that he is NOT the boss and he may just work. He has the flattest back I have seen on a horse in years! And long toes. We will see if we can work on all of that starting tomorrow. I plan to keep him and Squirt in together and put them both on a diet. Got to get these little rascals in shape for the grand kids!

Supposed to be hot again tomorrow. I should be working these young horses while it is hot and make them sweat!

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