Wet, windy and SLIPPERY

Wow. got a little rain last night and maybe some snow and when you walk out there, you wish you was sharp shod. Not too cold, tho’ that wind has a bite to it, but I about fell down several times as the snow is real slippery from the rain . It’s in the 30’sContinue reading “Wet, windy and SLIPPERY”

Another nice day

A bit windy, but for this time of the year, I will take it. Up in the 40’s. supposed to get in the 50’s later this week. We didn’t have a huge turnout for the gig, but the ones who did come sure said they enjoyed it. I know all the performers had a greatContinue reading “Another nice day”

New Poem

Had this running thru’ my head and am not sure it gets out mt meaning, but I think it’s close enough to put on here for evaluation. out there there’s always been a class of folks since mankind came along who didn’t quite fit in with the rest couldn’t quite sing that song they wereContinue reading “New Poem”