New Poem

Had this running thru’ my head and am not sure it gets out mt meaning, but I think it’s close enough to put on here for evaluation.

out there

there’s always been a class of folks
since mankind came along
who didn’t quite fit in with the rest
couldn’t quite sing that song

they were always feeling crowded
by those who lived nearby
chose to live outside the village
closer to earth and sky

some would call them loners
must not be right in the head
if they didn’t stay closer to the village
they’d one day wake up dead!

from the dangers and the bothers
that caused mankind to band together
at first I suppose the saber toothed cat
or perhaps a change in the weather

many people feel more secure
if they have others to watch their backs
they willingly give up their independence
prefer to live in civilizations tracks

but the others always felt sort of itchy
when they got crowded by the mass
they preferred to take on the risks alone
and there’s always been that class

of people who are just like them
tho’ they sometimes run together
by two and three’s and even fours
scorned silk and invested in leather

the exception was times of war
but as soon as the battle subsided
they’d soon scatter out yet once again
tho’ their lifestyle was derided

they’d head where wilderness begins
those places the masses never went
where mankind didn’t intrude quite so much
where natures rule was spent

with room to follow your beliefs
tho’ the existence was pretty raw
throughout history they’ve been called many names
uncivilized, ignorant, outlaw

wanderers, wastrels and strangers
tho’ the pay sure wasn’t grand
they have made their way by many means
all scattered across the land

seldom an organized group 
tho’ they’d work together for a time
the fur trapper and cowboys and even sheepherder 
all followed natures rhyme

they are still amongst us today
these loners of all ages
they have always taken on a different name
depending on existence stages

no urge to group in large bunches
they are self reliant and proud
tho’ their life span perhaps is shortened by this
they refuse to follow the crowd

still, once in awhile they gather
to talk and laugh and spree
to be with others who feel this very same call
in this honest camaraderie

so call them throw backs or culls
the vagabonds who choose this life
who still carry their weapons and tools with them
their wisdom, wits and a knife

a salute to these modern day knights
be their preference horse or bike
it doesn’t matter their outside attire
they unfurl similar banners on a pike

here’s to you and me, my friend
your very presence makes the soul grin
so let’s visit and party and spree for a time
‘til we meet on the river again!
rdennis 8/2011

11 thoughts on “New Poem

  1. Robert ….you have done a great job of catching the rural notions about life….especially east of the bridge ……………

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