Me and the boys ran down to Punkin Center the other day and ate lunch and picked up some rail road ties for posts. Also some more calf feed. We dug holes for the posts yesterday and took off a gate and set a new post for it. Gramma got home about then, so she watched the boys while Beaver and I rode down south and doctored the sore footed cow. Managed to accidentally double hock her with a figure 8. Worked slick. Wish I could do it every time.

When I got back we saddled up the horse for the boys and let them ride some more.

Tate came out last night. I am loaning him some money to buy an old two horse trailer to fix up for all his tools. He s  going to measure the doors for the cupboard and the fronts for the cabinets. Also he will take home the boards to make them out of he tore off the old shed.

Not sure what me and the munchkins are going to do today. Foggy and muggy. Supposed to rain some more. We got another good rain the other evening. Indian Creek is still trickling water. Amazing.