Got the new roof added on to the top of the old roof today. the old one was a square about 6 x 6 feet and flat. We have fought leaks in the living room and kitchen for quite awhile. Patched and tared and fixed and did it some more, but could never make it quit. So I put a new roof over it with some slope to it and covered it with tin, so maybe it will quit. I used quite a bit of Blackjack roof tar so I think I got it whupped, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. come on rain! So I can check it out!

We drove down to the Bull Creek Cafe and met up with a friend from Sheridan who was passing thru’ and had lunch. Good to catch up on what she has been up to. She wants to try riding a Halflinger with her flat saddle, so I told her to bring it over and get on Roz as she is pretty gentle and I’ve rode her a little bit. I know I am looking forward to watching!