Another nice day

A bit windy, but for this time of the year, I will take it. Up in the 40’s. supposed to get in the 50’s later this week.

We didn’t have a huge turnout for the gig, but the ones who did come sure said they enjoyed it. I know all the performers had a great time. it’s always fun to work with good people. Looks like the four of us will get together again at Hot Springs this fall. along with Yvonne Hollenbeck. Ought to be a great show.

When we got home yesterday  I ran the horses in and caught up Mijo. Delbert and Dean showed up a bit later and we all went over to Casey’s and ranch roped. Both of his sons, Kyle and Callen and Tyson Hewitt were there also. Paige even came and roped with the boys. None of us did any thing real outstanding, but then none of have thrown any ranch loops for quite a spell. Sure had fun.

I got my chores done today and Cindy came along. Then I putted around in the shop and got started on my saddle again, that I have been putting off. I have a pair of old time chaps on order but am waiting for the info and measurements from the guy.

Found an old calender from 2003 and it was fun to look back and see what I wrote as that is how I keep track of cattle coming in and going out. chance was evidently riding some colts as he had days marked down for each time he worked one. Amazing how time has flown by!

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