For awhile anyway. Boys head home tomorrow so this evening we went out and they rode around and around in the corral. They swapped horses, Gabe rode Squirt and Lige rode Beaver. Both got along fine and Gabe even managed a sidepass, with a little help from Grampa.

We took the tractor up north and worked on a creek crossing this morning and this afternoon we took Gramma along and drove down south and turned on a tank for the cattle. The key was gone so I took one from home, but it wouldn’t fit so we had to drive over to another tank and rob one from it.

Then when we got home Gabe drove Purple top get the horses, but he ain’t very good at getting horses in with Purple, so we had to swap out and I drove and he rode along. I am a much better getter in of horses in Purple! Mostly cuz I can control the clutch and gas pedal and brake all at the same time, which my short legged grandson can not. Yet! Maybe someday…… Poor ol’ Lige had to cower in the back at his brothers scary hiccuppy driving!

I have trained on these two well as when asked “Who’s the man? ” they both reply, “Grampa”! I tell them that is really all they need to know, for now. I just love well trained children. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sure gonna be quiet around here for a few days. That might just be a good thing. ๐Ÿ˜‰