Still arrrggghhhhhh!

Charged the battery on the camera, must not be it. Took more pictures. I see I cracked the screen on the camera, so i bet that is it. Tine for a new one. Might as well buy cheap ones I guess. Anyway, this is the best I can get for now on the saddle and I am going to start riding it so the next ones, it might not be as pretty and new. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Still arrrggghhhhhh!

  1. Have you ever seen the site They carry one item per day, sometimes refurb – that is always a pretty good deal – until the next day or they run out. About every six weeks they have a Woot-Off where they put up a succession of products until they run out, then a new one, and so on. Sometimes they only have a few items and they only last a few minutes.

    Anyways, they have several satellite sites selling wine, home products, kid’s stuff, t-shirts, and two other general purpose sales – Sellout Woot and Moofti (Woot! upside down). They frequently carry digital cameras pretty cheap – usually several per week. You can get a plugin for your browser that checks that stuff everyday, or you have to actually go there to see what they have that day. Shipping and handling is five bucks for up to three items, so if you see a big screen tv for cheap and want more than one – you can get three shipped for five bucks, period. Four items would cost you ten bucks S&H. They also feature a board with user submitted deals found around the internet, and that changes as people add to it.

    I’ve bought quite a variety of things from them over the past several years, even including a camera. It’s well worth your time to look it over, particularly for electronics like PCs, laptops, vacuum cleaners (lots of Dysons and Sharks), printers, TVs and monitors, well – you get the idea. I make it a habit to check it once a day just to see what they have.

  2. Thanks Jeffro, I will check it out,m tho’ I am a little anal in that I like to look at them and hold them in my hand before I buy them, but if they were cheap enough, what’s the big deal, eh?

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