Hormone use?

The following scientific bodies have concluded that the use of hormone implants is safe:

World Health Organization
UN Food and Ag Organization
EEC “Lamming Committee, 1982”
Health Canada (Bureau of Veterinary Drugs)
Codex Alimentarius Commission (July 1995)
(an international organization that recommends food safety standards )
EU Conference Brussels (November 29- December 1, 1995)

The hormone implant is made of Estrogen

Estrogen content in Beef *
*Oklahoma State University, Implant Symposium, May 1997

Estrogen in One pound serving

Untreated steer 8 nanograms
Implanted steer 11 nanograms
Untreated heifer 9 nanograms
Pregnant heifer 700 nanograms
Intact Bull 110 nanograms
Peas 2,000 nanograms
Wheatgerm 2,000 nanograms
Soybean oil 1,000,000 nanograms
Milk 65 nanograms

Nanogram = 1 billionth of a gram
That is one blade of grass in a football field,
One Billion seconds ago = 1978

Human Estradiol Production*
*Oklahoma Implant Symposium

Boys 40,000 nanograms
Girls 40,000 nanograms
Adult Male 100,000 nanograms
Non Pregnant Female 5,000,000 nanograms
Pregnant Female 90,000,000 nanograms

The E.U. has declared E2 17ba (estrogen) carcinogen.

One Birth Control Pill contains the same amount of estrogen 
as 125,000 lbs of beef from an implanted steers.