4 thoughts on “Liars and damned liars

  1. Oversimplified, the Obama fiat has the effect of forcing Catholic citizens to support — at least pay for — procedures which violate some of their deepest beliefs. This is an evil, and I mean that in the strictest sense of the term.

    Which is to say, if you and your co-religionists decide this justifies a March on Washington, this old backslider — who doesn’t share many of your beliefs — would cherish an invitation to join you.

    I’m less interested in the political idiocy Obama displays here than I am in the moral arrogance he reveals.

  2. Nah, JBob. It wouldn’t work, but, Hell, I’d do it anyway. I’ve never marched for or against anything, but if there has to be a first, this would be a candidate.

    The administration is trotting out the tired defense that they are not *making* anyone take a pill, which is correct. They’re just coercing every citizen to finance it, and if anyone can explain the moral distinction I’ll kiss his et cetera.

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