Cindy and I took the boys with us and went to town today to do some shopping and get groceries. We found a Farmers Market so stopped to check it out and I found out the real meaning of the word Organic, when it comes to food. It translate to “real freekin’ expensive”! One young hippy looking guy had some tomatoes and stuff with a big sign saying, “Beyond Organic” so I asked what that meant. “OH, we go beyond organic which is just using all natural chemicals…”

Uhmmm, as far as I was aware, all chemicals ARE natural. I mean, they come from nature, don’t they? He went on to tell me that they use natural pest control, which I am familiar with as that is what I use for grasshopper control in my pastures. I can get a bait that has the natural pest or diseases that kill off grasshoppers and only effects them. And I understand the concept, but back when everyone grew foods this way, you know, before the advent of all these nasty ol’ chemicals that keep pests and weeds at bay, one farmer could feed his own family, Now one farmer can feed like…. 300 to 400 people…so I can see why so many do not use organic. And hey, if you don’t want to use chemicals be sure and not ever get a shot or pills for yourself or your children or any sick animals or to prevent worms or bugs or anything like that, because you know,,, they are bad, bad! And then you can go get some Paris Green, which is just arsenic as I understand it and pick all the bugs off your plants and drop them in the Paris Green as my father did back in the 20’s…..;-)

By the way it got warm today. Like up around 100 warm…..and some wind with it….

2 thoughts on “Organic

  1. As far as I know ‘chemical’ and ‘organic’ are not two things that are supposed to go together. Technically they are not even supposed to have treated posts on their places. If we all had to buy ‘organic’ vegetables and grains, people would starve to death. Only the rich could afford to eat because production would drop off without fertilizer and chemical weed control.

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