Help for the stranded

I worked on a saddle today. Then this afternoon just after Cindy got home, Chance called and they were stranded in Spearfish.
They had taken their pickup in to get the brakes on it fixed. Hope had lost all brakes and bumped into the gate awhile back and they finally were able to get it to town. Hope had to talk to a lady about a cake so she drove their Land Rover and Chance took the pickup, dropped it off at the brake fixing place and then a radiator hose or some other thing broke on the Rover. So they got it to the place that fixes that, but needed a ride home. Fr Tyler couldn’t get them as he had a meeting, Chances boss was nowhere close so I ran the car in and picked them up and took them out to their house. Got a good shower going out and when we got to their 3 miles of gumbo road, Chance said it would be alright. So I gassed it and slipped a bit but made it in. Dropped them off, visited for a minute and headed out. Slipped and slid back out to the black top and noticed there was a lot of gumbo packed into the rear wheel wells. Couldn’t find anything to clean it with, so took off, but saw smoke coming from a rear wheel. There were just enough rocks on the packed gumbo that it was cutting a groove into the rear passenger tire. So I jacked it up for room and used my blade knife and a part of a brake pad I found in the trunk. Cut my knuckles up, but finally got it clean. Got in and drove a little ways and noticed smoke coming for the other rear tire. So pulled over on an approach, seeing as I was on a main artery to the oil fields with all the oil field trash driving by at 75, jacked up the car, cleaned that wheel well off and then headed out. Just got home a minute ago. Got a lot of lightning off to the south east. Just got a shower here.

It is the start of the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. We are always told to watch out for bikes as they are hard to see, so I do, but I’ll tell you what, the way most of them idiots drive they ought to have a bounty on them!
I went to cross a 4 lane highway and here came a motorcycle from the opposite side. I was just going to turn into my lane, as your supposed to, and this idiot decided he didn’t need to obey traffic laws and just went across his lane and into mine. I swerved into the middle turning lane, to avoid him and he gave ME a dirty look. Should have took him out and there would have been one less asshole to deal with in this life! What kind of brains does it take to realize you are driving a much smaller vehicle and to watch out someone don’t run over your butt? And then they whine when someone runs into or over them. Idiots!

2 thoughts on “Help for the stranded

  1. Its only goin’ to get worse JB, cuz there are more and more first time ‘bike’ owners on the road. Friends that have been ridin’ for years are even complaining about the newbies. So might as well find a shade tree, grab a cold one and enjoy the view……from a distance!

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