Still warmish

Chance and Hope brought the grandkids out Saturday evening and left them while they went out with another couple for a birthday party. They spent the night -well, real early morning…. 😉 – and went back Sunday morning. Cindy and I drove down south the other evening to look at cattle and grass and foundContinue reading “Still warmish”


James wanted a pair of chaps that were practical and had the look of the old timey chaps. These have buckle and strap enclosures, where the old time ones would have just been laced together and you would have stepped in and out of them like pants. I think they turned out pretty good…

You’d think it was still March…..

The way the wind is blowing. Coming from the south east so it should blow some rain in , in a day or so. Supposed to, but don’t look like a lot, but that is usually when we get our best rains, when they predict not a lot. Fed and then saddled up Pal andContinue reading “You’d think it was still March…..”

Kite flying weather!

That ol’ wind picked up last night and with it came thunder and lightning. Started at least a couple fires in the area. One big one out on the gumbo. Sounded on the fire radio like thy had lots of trucks, but were having trouble getting to the fire. It’s rough country and summer rangeContinue reading “Kite flying weather!”