5 thoughts on “Taken with Chances Phone

  1. I still like it! Even in the daylight. One thing to remember, we are always our own worst critic! I don’t think I am happy with my weaving but I am always told that it is fine!

  2. I always am impressed by your work. Do you use a commercial stitching clamp or did you make your own. or is it all freehand?

  3. Og, I have a Boss Handsticher, basically a hand operated sewing machine , to do most, but on the cantle binding and the horn cap, I have to sew it by hand and I just put a stitch groove in the leather and try to hit it square every time. Used a punch awl this time, or maybe it’s called a drag awl. Push it thru, hook the thread and pull a loop back thru’ then stick the other end of the thread in and pull down very tight, locking and hiding the stitch in the middle, if it’s down right. thanks. I appreciate your keen eye.

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