Got the saddle all oiled and put together but I am not happy. It came out much darker than I expected. I used different leather this time, good leather, but from a different tannery and it must have took on the oil much easier. Any way, that ain’t all of it, my camera won’t take pictures now with out wavy lines in the pictures. Hopefully it is just a low battery. Here’s a picture of the saddle, but not a very good one and it is so dark you really can’t see all the work I went to in the carving!. Arrrrgggggg!

13 thoughts on “Aaaahhhhhgggg!

  1. You need glasses! I can see the carving. It is wonderful! If I had a horse, I would be proud to use it and show it off! I think it looks great! Silly you!!

  2. I think after a couple of days it will get lighter. I really like this saddle, much better than the Wade I had made for Beamer. Should have got you to build it!

  3. Thank you all. Yes Shirley, I hope it does. I went to so much pain to really have them flowers and leaves stand out and now they don’t! I think I’m gonn’a get drunk…….

  4. Thank Mary. I don’t mind the color, just wish I had put on less oil so the carving would have shown up better. Next time….

  5. You may not be happy with it, but I have to say that I like it! I am sure agreeing with everyone else on that one! 😉

  6. Thanks Lisa. ad that is what I am afraid of LInda. Oh well, I will know better on the next one. could have been worse, could have been a saddle for someone else….

  7. just hit me……….ride a lighter colored horse…say a GREY………and the saddle will look lighter too……………ROFLMAO

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