Cool and cloudy

Almost foggy this morning, but it burned off by late afternoon. The tire I had fixed on the pickup the other day was trying to go flat again, so after dinner I worked on my saddle a bit then drove it over to Punkin Center and they found another little hole. Sorry cheap tires!

When I got home the sun was shining and the wind was going down so I worked Brody and the filly.

Supposed to really blow hard tomorrow, so a good day to work inside when I get the cows fed. Steaks on the broiler for supper!

2 thoughts on “Cool and cloudy

  1. It doesn’t seem to matter which brand of tire I buy, once the tread starts thinning down I get a ton of flats. And the big stores (lookin’ at Wal Mart here) won’t patch ’em if the nail even gets close to the sidewall. What a load of………

  2. Tires like everything else don’t last like they used to! The wind blew yesterday and of course the weather went from 79 to 43 in one day! The sun has been shining and no real gully washers as of yet and that is nice. The mud is finally starting to go away.

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