Still March!

It was real nice this morning but then a south east wind picked up this afternoon and it’s really blowing now.

I got the cows fed then truned the horses out and loaded Tank up and hauled him to the vet to get gelded. the vet was gone when I got there so I just left him and went on down to Phillip, ate some lunch and then on and waited at Kadoak for Marty. He cam about 2:45 and I got the Blue horse back and then back to the vet’s. Got Tank back and then on to Eric’s where I picked up a colt he has been training on, Pard. Blue and Pard will go to Chance, sounds like. Maybe just Blue at first and after he needs another one, then send Pard on, unless I fall in love with him in them mean time. They both need their feet trimmed. Must be that I ain’t the only one who doesn’t like to trim feet!

No colts worked with today, other than the ones I hauled. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

Finished up the cantle binding on the saddle last night. Now to polish and smooth and put concho’s on, pull down the strings and oil it and rig the latigo’s and stirrups and it’s ready to ride. I’ll post a picture when I get it all done and ready to go.

3 thoughts on “Still March!

  1. yall can add me to the list of “non-trimmers”……… chewed on by both the vet & the wife for lettin’ ’em go too long…………

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