Still warmish

Chance and Hope brought the grandkids out Saturday evening and left them while they went out with another couple for a birthday party. They spent the night -well, real early morning…. 😉 – and went back Sunday morning. Cindy and I drove down south the other evening to look at cattle and grass and found that the tank down south was not working right. Something wrong with the float. I shut the water off to it, remembered it this morning and went and found an easy fix. the cattle have not been at that tank but I like to have several sources of water for them if possible. I went to get the horses in this morning and they had knocked a gate down and were up on Harry’s. I have been putting around in the shop with leather while it’s been hot. Sat on a hill the other night with Delbert and watched for fires as there was lightning off to the west and north. More tonight. No rain tho’….. Tyler came out today and spent the afternoon and evening. We shot guns and visited. I have been working on a seat to go inside of a bigger saddle for little kids. I built one in the past but this one will have the back part to where you can stuff it and shorten it up. I am trying to figure it out so it can be used as a bareback pad/saddle also as Charlie, the new pony is quite round with no withers…. NO pictures of him yet as I keep forgetting to take my camera out. sounds like I will go to the tripping in Deadwood tomorrow and then hook up with Hope and bring Sam home to stay for a few days. Got a gig Saturday afternoon, just north of New Underwood for the Day of the Cowboy. Bunch of others supposed to be there also. At the Hackens Ranch in the old barn and they say it is a cool place so I am looking forward to it.

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