Kite flying weather!

That ol’ wind picked up last night and with it came thunder and lightning. Started at least a couple fires in the area. One big one out on the gumbo. Sounded on the fire radio like thy had lots of trucks, but were having trouble getting to the fire. It’s rough country and summer range and it’s always hard to find your way around in the dark. At least one truck got stuck. Found a soft wet spot. There was evidently just enough rain came with the storm to make the gumbo sticky. I turned the radio on this morning but didn’t hear anything, so between the trucks and the rain, they must have gotten it. Luckily, only one person lives anywhere close to where it was and there was a water course between the buildings and the fire, but as hard as the wind was blowing, it probably wouldn’t do a lot of good. We got maybe 15 hundreds or even a quarter inch. Not a lot, but more than we had. Wind blew pretty stiff today. When I rolled out hay the wind caught some of it and blew it into the fence line. Cows won’t even have to lower their heads to eat that. If they can catch up with it!

I’ve been working on the saddle, sewing the cantle binding this afternoon. My fingers are getting sore!

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