New Poem

Had this running thru’ my head and am not sure it gets out mt meaning, but I think it’s close enough to put on here for evaluation. out there there’s always been a class of folks since mankind came along who didn’t quite fit in with the rest couldn’t quite sing that song they wereContinue reading “New Poem”

If it ain’t one thing….

it’s another. While we were putting salt out last evening, we got a leak in the pickup tire. So we hurried home and then this morning after we went and fixed some fence and set gates so we could move the heifers to fresh grass, we took the pickup tire off and hauled it overContinue reading “If it ain’t one thing….”

I’ll be darned

Found my little black bull. He was with the rest of the bulls! (insert emoticon of guy slapping forehead!) Evidently I miscounted when I sorted them. Not unusual, but usually the other way. After Gramma got home we drove to look and checked the bulls and found him so then drove over to the pairsContinue reading “I’ll be darned”