And damn fine ones at that, stopped in and spent yesterday. they are heading on this morning. So far on their trip, Darrel told me they had gone over 8,000 miles. We looked at a bunch of their pictures on the computer, which they had not gotten to see other than on the small screen on the camera. Wow! They have been to and seen some cool, places and things. Many of the same places Cindy and I would go to when we can afford the time and travel. Chance and Hope and kids came out for supper to see them and we had a nice evening.

I have another person who I have met thru’ the computer who is in this area working, who is going to come visit for a day, sounds like. he is a member of the ranch board that I have linked on the side. If he can’t make it over, I will drive closer to the Hills area where he is at, and at least we will share a meal and some conversation.

Then next week, another friend from the board, who I have visited with but never met face to face, is coming to stay for a week and spend some time here. Mike is a cool guy and I am looking forward to it. He will be here for the poetry gathering over at Devil’s Tower on the 4th. Several others from this wide area who are on the board are supposed to show up also. It’s so cool to get to shake hands with people you’ve only visited with on the interwebs!

I ordered a wall tent yesterday. I’ve always wanted one and Chance and Hope need something like that so they can go camp on the river during the Artist Ride, so it seemed like a good thing to do with my tip money. Besides, me and Darrel are talking about an elk/deer hunting trip in the fall of 2013. He has a nephew who has been deployed to the sandbox on several tours of duty and Darrel would like to take him to the mountains on a hunt. Darrel and I would just go along to pack him in and enjoy the country and company. Darrel found a pack saddle and he is taking some of the rigging from mine to fix it up.

We will also set up the tent for when we get larger groups of people stopping in. It is large enough to sleep quite a few and has a chimney hole, so I can build or get a small stove for it to warm it and even cook on.

And Miss Kitty finally got around to having kittens this past week, while I was gone. some blood spots and Cindy was having a fit. Finally found a dead kitten yesterday and this kept up with more dead kittens as the evening proceeded. this morning she has one dead on and two live ones, which is plenty of kittens for anyone! Now, to convince her to raise them, outside!

5 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Sounds like you are busy. The artist ride sounds like a good time. I have heard about it for a long time and some people I know from around Interior have participated in it. Glad you found a wall tent, they are pretty handy to have for hunting and camping. Hope you have a good summer.

  2. Sure sounds like you have some great plans for the near future! Good for you. I can’t wait to meet some of my web friends if you know what I mean, is July here yet ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Friends come in all kinds of situations! but it is really nice to get to meet them face to face at some point. glad you are getting to meet some of yours! and the hunting trip for that young man sounds like a wonderful idea! our ladies coffee group have been sendng packages for 6 years to different platoons in the military. most of ours have been in afghanistan. we are already getting ready for our annual helmet liners to be sent for winter. we love each one of them. but a trip like that is wonderful! sorry Miss Kitty lost most of her babies but nature does take over sometimes! have a great rest of the week! working on “Miss Nellie” vintage cowgirl trailer! see ya and thanks again!

  4. Sounds like fun……maybe someday we’ll come visit and get to stay in the wall tent. They’re a handy deal. Say Hi to everyone from the board!

  5. That Mike feller sounds perty neat. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sure looking forward to the trip and streching some bovines with my new reata. I got the honda put on last night.

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