it’s another. While we were putting salt out last evening, we got a leak in the pickup tire. So we hurried home and then this morning after we went and fixed some fence and set gates so we could move the heifers to fresh grass, we took the pickup tire off and hauled it over to Punkin Center and got it patched. Not a big hole, but almost brand new tires. Must have hit a nail going down by the old house. After we ate lunch at the Bull Creek we came home and the boys took a long nap. Then we saddled up and rode up north, reeeeaaalll slow (I’d forgot how slow you have to go with a 4 year old along ahorseback on an old horse) and viola! They yearlings had moved themselves. so we just shut gates to keep them from going back where they had just left and then rode home with horse training tips along the way. Odd how an old horse knows the way home and can travel a lot faster. Next time we ride, Squirt is going to be packing a bit with more leverage to offset Lige’s short arms!

Now, we got hotdog’s cooking for supper. Maybe ride tomorrow and get some more hay hauled in. We are going up to Faith to the matched bronc ride. Maybe these two will pick up some pointers! 😉

Oh, we took the phone and the camera along and talked to some people when we finally found some service, but the battery went dead on the camera so I only got one or two pictures.