Haven’t posed for a couple days. Not a lot going on.

I did haul the last heifer up to the owner -the one we missed when we shipped them all home- yesterday and also took my 3 little yearling steers to Belle to the sale. I didn’t stay real long at the sale, but they sure want any bovine walking on 4 legs. Big ol’ corrientee steers brought over a buck a pound.

I hauled the heifer out to Paul and Judy’s and then headed back thru’ Spearfish to talk to people about sponsoring our gig we have coming up in November.

Going up to Help Brad and Dean preg today. Trying to decide on taking my filly or Mijo or maybe even Pilgrim, seeing as Chance left him here and keeps telling me how nice he’s getting.

Had a Church class/meeting last night. Real informative.

Cold nights and up to about 50’s last few days, with some wind.

Headed back east early Sunday morning for pheasant hunting for the day.

2 thoughts on “Hmmmmm….

  1. Great minds think alike! There, that would appear to be a compliment, but then if you know Chance, you might think it’s not! 😉

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