Kenny, the next door neighbor, brought me in some hay today. Bale weighing about 1500 pounds! I guess I better put some more length on my bale wagon. He’s supposed to bring in some more tomorrow, weighing a little less. Hay sure looks good, but then he’s fussy about baling. I’ve heard he will make a bale and then check it for moisture and if it is too wet he will unroll it and wait for the hay to get dry enough. I’ve gotten bales from him and his father in law before and it’s always real good.

I rode Q out this morning to move some yearlings and she sure was full of P&V! Worked her in the round pen a bit and then rode her in there and worked a few kinks out and then out amongst them. She was grabby and kind of a pain in the butt. I swear, you should never brag on a colt or a kid or they will prove you wrong, every time!

She sure has a nice way of going and a sweet lope tho’!

Also, I wrote new words to an old song. I emailed it out and if I get approval from the target audience I will post it on here in the future.

Tyler came out this evening and shot about 50 shells at trap, in preparation for the upcoming pheasant season. My gun wouldn’t work so i cleaned it up a little and it’s working now.