I took of Saturday morning and headed west. Went over to Gillette and headed north and west until I got to a crossroads and headed north again. Eventually crossed into Montana and deiced I had missed a turn. Turned around and headed back to where I thought I should have went west again, called the lady of the house and she confirmed I was on the right track at last. I twisted and wound around on methane and oil field/private ranch roads until I finally got to my destination, a cow camp on a large ranch where I met up with some fellers who had come over from Oregon to hunt Antelope and brought along two dogs for me. Well, one is going to Chance and Hope. We visited and then drove in to Sheridan on the back road and looked around town a bit while waiting on the cowboy to complete a trade on pickups, then we all went to eat. I left there about 7 pm and got home about 11 pm, meanwhile stopping to gas up and let the dogs exercise a couple times. Hope and the kids stayed another night and headed out this morning with their new dog with them. My new dog, named Tucker  but it’s going to be changed to Buck, as I already had a Tuck once and I don’t like two syllable names for dogs, is a friendly, hound looking, short haired Border Collie. He is supposedly somewhat trained and sure will drop when told to “down”. He will need to get used to these two wild dogs here for awhile before I try him out on cattle.

I going to pick up Cindy about noon and head over to the Alzada Gathering, this afternoon, to meet up with some friends. Then  I guess I have some more hay coming in tomorrow. I have to help a neighbor ship calves on Tuesday morning. And Cindy has more stuff that needs to be put up in the kitchen, so I bet that gets worked into the schedule also! 😉

Warm yesterday and today (in the upper 80’s) and supposed to stay that way until about Thursday when it sounds like we have colder weather and rain coming in.

Oh, and Addy Bear is crawling! Watch out world!