Found my little black bull. He was with the rest of the bulls! (insert emoticon of guy slapping forehead!)

Evidently I miscounted when I sorted them. Not unusual, but usually the other way. After Gramma got home we drove to look and checked the bulls and found him so then drove over to the pairs to see if there were the right number in there.

There were.

So then we drove around, opened a gate or two so the pairs could drift to new grazing. Lots of grasshoppers. I have put bait out for them the last 3 years. Evidently it didn’t work or I didn’t put out enough. Good thing the Good Lord sent us plenty of rain so we got grass enough to share with the little boogers! The flash grazing I did with the heifers, earlier, didn’t seem to slow the growth down  in those pastures. They sure look good.

We found one of Chances old cows off by herself with her calf with a bad foot so I will have to go doctor her. I’d go now, but there is a storm brewing. Got a good shot of rain the other evening. Quarter to half an inch it looked like. I had the boys riding in the corral today so maybe tomorrow they can poke along and I can ride down and rope the old girl and give her some medicine.

Weeded on the jungle, other wise known as the greenhouse. Man, do we have tomato plants! Also some green tomatoes on them, but you can’t hardly walk without stepping on plants. Might have to pull the cover off the greenhouse so we can get to the tomatoes after while. The tomato plants are so thick and close together the weeds don’t stand a chance!

Here’s some pictures of a couple of my little cowpunchers. They swapped horse towards the end,. Gabe rode the grandkid saddle and Lige rode his Dad’s old Duhamel I bought for him when he was little.