Lucky guy

Was just looking at Facebook while waiting for warmer temps and saw that my brother had an incident. Evidently he was driving his truck along when a front tire blew. He got pulled over to the side with no problem, but the tire started a fire that he could not put out. He salvaged as much as he could out of his sleeper and was close to a city where we have a sister living who took him in until he can catch a ride back home. He wasn’t hurt. Lucky guy and from all I hear a good driver. So I suppose he will have a new truck to drive. At least new to him.

I am waiting a bit for a little more warmth then off with another load of cattle to the sale. We got a lie dusting of snow but so far no real wind. Supposed to warm up a little tomorrow. I am waiting to give the highway guys plenty of time to move the snow off the highways and put sand down on the hills. I doubt the roads will be too bad, but then I don’t have the best tread on my pickup. Highway tread, as I haven’t put the winter tires on yet. I had the old ones re-capped and they could only re-cap two so I need to find two more with similar tread and the same size. It’s always something….   😉

By the way, I got a great call, night before last. A cousin who I hadn’t heard from in several years. She and I are the same age and played together as children. Always good to hear her voice. Glad you called Ruth! Keep in touch! And come visit when you get a chance!

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