Christmas poem from Beth

Elizabeth Ebert is a friend, lovely lady and one of the best, if not the best, cowboy poets of all time. Someday I think we will erect a monument to this fine lady and her body of work. She sent me this in an email and graciously allowed me to share it here.


They’re playing Christmas music
Everywhere I go
The jingle bells are jingling
They’re dashing through the snow.

Crosby’s Christmases are white
Elvis is still blue.
Reindeer ran over Grandma
(Please tell me that’s not true!)

Nick’s coming down the chimney.
The chipmunks are in tune.
Mama’s kissing Santa Claus
( I hope dad gets home soon!)

They’re cranking up the decibels
They’re blasting left and right.
It may be Christmas music
But  I long for silent night.

Written by Elizabeth Ebert

We have a nice wet snow falling. A little wind out of the north northwest, but the snow is wet enough it won’t be able to blow around for a spell. The cows can get all the moisture they need for grazing without having to walk to a tank, tho’ some probably will. I took bean down south this morning and then went and checked the tank. Cows are enjoying all the left over grass from this summer.

3 thoughts on “Christmas poem from Beth

  1. Great poem..she has a sense of humor! Snow..lucky you..still brown here..looks like we are in for a warm Christmas weekend.. we have a slight chance for snow on Friday AM..but the high on Christmas Day is to be 35 degrees..I cannot remember a Christmas so warm:)

  2. Love love love the poem! I swear can even hear Ms Elizabeth’s voice reciting it! Thanks for sharing it with us JB. Let Ms Elizabeth know it was enjoyed and that I share her sentiment’s too!

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