Not bad….

Well, the storm has passed. We got maybe 5 inches of snow. Drifted up a little, but not bad. It’s 35 degree’s out right now and the sun is shining.

I fed with the tractor so I could move snow around. Then sorted horses and turned the unused ones out and kept in the colt and his half sister who is going to the trainer this weekend. He mentioned maybe I ought to work on her halter breaking before I sent her, so I did. Went well. Afterword’s I worked with Colonel a little too.

Nerer got too cold and sure wasn’t too bad, but then I wasn’t calving or lambing either.

4 thoughts on “Not bad….

  1. You must have got our snow..we got maybe a 1/4 inch and they predicted up to 18 inches..they said SD and Iowa got all our moisture. The weather sure is screwy since that Japanese Earthquake last year:(

  2. Well, seeing as we don’t start until about April 15, that could happen. If it doesn’t get any worse than this, it won’t be too bad. They have been moving up from the south, Your turn next! 🙂

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