Blizzard warning

Supposed to get a good amount of snow and wind starting with the snow tonight and running thru’ Wednesday morning. So I decided that the cows down south ought to come home. It was about 16 this morning when I plugged the tractor in, thinking I might need it to lure the cows in with hay. All the horses were close so I fed the old and preggo and thin ones grain and locked the rest in, so I’d have a horse in case I needed one, and/or the team. We dressed up and then Cindy and I and the dogs drove the pickup south to find them and try and load some big barrels of mineral I had just given them the other day. We found them, we had the dogs, they was headed in the right direction, so we just let the dogs do their thing and drove them almost home, then got ahead to set a few gates, came back and urged them on and they slipped across the road and into the little pasture behind the house where they were pretty excited to see some old hay the thin horses hadn’t cleaned up yet. First hay they had seen since I moved them south a few months ago. Wasn’t a real “cowboy” way to move them, but it sure worked slick. I am waiting a bit, drinking tea and then I will go out and harness up and feed them and the others, some hay. Probably just mix them in with the calves and thinner cows that have been around here and they will stay together until after they calve now. Lots of old grass still down there, but it will be there to help catch snow and promote new growth in the spring. And there is grass out here where the other cows calves and horses have been running.

Wind is coming out of the south east but is going to switch tonight and move to the north north east according to my weather on the computer.

Shoulder/neck is better this morning but still tender. I’d like to go get on my colt, but doubt it will happen. Maybe after the storm when I’ve got some nice deep drifts to ride him in? πŸ˜‰

2 thoughts on “Blizzard warning

  1. As I read you every day, I’m looking forward to it. Every evening, before sleeping, I read a book. So every morning the day starts with another book: Bob’s Journal.Thanks for sharing!! πŸ˜‰

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