Beautiful weather

Warm, up in the 60’s anyway….

Chance and Hope took Addy Bear and Gus and dropped Gus off at the bus stop and then went in to town to do some business and left Sam here with me. So we went and caught up the team, harnessed them and got a bale and fed part of it to the cattle in the corral. Then we drove Teddy down to Punkin Center and ate an early lunch while they were loading bean and salt into Teddy. We even got some shavings for the dog house to help make it smell better!

When we got back we unloaded and scattered the shavings, got some buckets and tubs and a small shovel for mixing, drove out in the pasture and put out the bean/salt mix around in several places for the cattle. Then we came and got the team and drove down to the end of the road to pick up Gus. He was supposed to be there a little after 1 and it was after 1:30 when the bus finally got there. I don’t know who screwed up the time, but we had a long wait. The dogs all went with us so we sat and petted dogs and watched people drive by while we waited. Gus finally got there and he had his bag and what was left of the cupcakes his Mom had dropped off at school for their Thanksgiving party. I dropped the kids off at the house and went and unharnessed and turned the team out.

Supposed to blow to beat the band tomorrow with cooler temps. Tate and Kass and kids are on their way here for the holiday and will spend the night and perhaps several more. Fr Tyler is supposed to be coming tomorrow also. Cindy may bring her Mom and Delbert out after work tomorrow too, so we may just have a whole huge houseful of sleep overs! Oh well, it’s all good! 🙂

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