Nice day

Not too hot, not too windy. I was getting ready to work on making a palp cage this morning when Delbert showed up with an invite to ride along with him, so took it quick before he changed his mind!

We stopped over at a neighbors who had been having a dog trail. It was over but we got in some good visiting with Bud and maybe found a dog… yeah, I know, like I need another one, but this is a good Border Collie started and priced right. And two is better than one when I am moving these cattle around by myself.

Then we drove over to Del’s summer pasture and checked on cattle and water. Came back to Punkin Center and ate at the cafe and Delbert’s daughter in law came along with his grandson so we had fun with them.

Got home and tried to take a snooze but Spike went to howling when Cindy pulled in so that was the end of that! So I went out and cut and welded on the palp cage until supper time.

Been on the phone all night. I am going to meet Ken Cook tomorrow as we have a gig in Ft Pierre in the afternoon.

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