Pic’s from today

Kind’a frosty out there this morning… something below zero. But the team started right up! I lured the cows in with feed and sorted a few more off that show a little thinness so I can feed them better. They are still in great shape, but it’s easier to keep one in good shape than to get one in good shape when it gets cold.. Praise the Lord the wind ain’t been blowing.













10 thoughts on “Pic’s from today

  1. Lovely winter pictures! Love the frosty whiskers on your animal companions. The photo out over the horses’ ears is quintessential South Dakota prairie winter. Stay warm, we’re at +13 in the at 44N 103W at the moment.

  2. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. I grew up in Dupree and now live in Rapid City, so it is always nice to read your blog and enjoy your pictures.

      1. If you wouldn’t mind sending me your email, I would be happy to send you some of my wildlife shots throughout the year. My email is dbcsi@midco.net.

  3. Robert and Cindy…….Merry Christmas, Blessed New Year! i so remember the prairie winters. Even tho mine were east river….the temps and frost smack of sameness! So up here in God’s Hills, i wait for the sun to rise over the tree tops and thank God that today there are 18 more minutes of daylight, no breeze to mention, nor a cloud in the sky. i am grateful, for i know here in the “south” my old bones will experience a little more warmth. Frosted muzzles are a gift to the prairie folk. Thank you for sharing the experience and the pictures. Grace and Peace to you and kin in the New Year. mary eide

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