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I got the old chunk of corral fence tore out and saved most of it for other projects where strength is not needed as much. I sorted all the poles into similar lengths so I knew how many of each length I had. Then Cindy and I went to Punkin Center for lunch and some posts, wire, calf feed and gloves. I sure wish Bob would quit eating my gloves. Worst of it is, he always just eats the right hand one and then I have all these left handed gloves left. I even turned one inside out and then he chewed on it!

Then this afternoon, we dug holes, set posts and got the first row of long poles up. When you use telephone poles for corral poles, it only takes three or four per section and it can go up pretty fast and is hell for stout! Tomorrow, if the wind don’t blow me over, I will set and wire the rest up and start building a new gate/panel for the opening I am leaving. When I am done I will be able to pen bigger bunches and also have a much wider gate to drag calves out of at branding time or let bigger bunches of cattle out. I will try and take some pictures and post them later.

It was a beautiful fall day tho’ the wind picked up this afternoon.

Had a great time with the siblings on Saturday. We talked and talked and talked, sometimes even waiting for someone else to quit tyalking! LOL That’s what you get when you have 5 people with ADD or ADHD all in the same room at the same time, I guess. Got to bed kind of late Saturday evening and up real early on Sunday morning. I drove Cindy back in to work and then picked up Briggette and my nieces daughter, Jeanie and we drove down to Rapid for the 7 am Mass that Fr Tyler was the celebrant. After words we went out for breakfast and then on to the airport to meet up with the rest of the siblings as Renae was flying back to Arizona . We all visited and said our good byes and then Mari and Briggette and Velda and I came back to Sturgis. I dropped them off and made it home about 12:30. Had a very short nap and then a friend from Denmark Kelvin, arrived with his wife and 3 friends. They spent the night and left this morning for further adventures out here in the wild west. The men slept in the new tent and we started a fire in the stove and it worked great. Another fairly early morning this morning and now life will be back to normal for a short time.

Heading to Hot Springs this weekend for the Badger Clark Poetry doings. There is a jam session on Friday night and then poetry and music for all and anyone who wants in on it, thru’ the day Saturday and the big show on Saturday night.

We have had some cloudy wet weather with just a small amount of drizzle this past week and today the sun is shining and it’s back to warm fall weather. I am off to work on the corrals.

My sisters are coming out to pick me up today and we are all going to my brothers to meet and visit. MY sister who lives in Switzerland still, has been here since mid July and flies home in a few days, so the sister who lives in Arizona has come up so we can all be together.

For those of you who don’t know the history: Dr Massa’s , who worked in Sturgis, wife Shirley, made a trip to Switzerland in the early 1950’s and evidently found out it was fairly easy to get children from Switzerland adopted into the US. There were quite a few couple scattered around this area who could not have children, so there were many who wanted to adopt a child. I think there were 26 of us who came to this area.

My oldest brother was the first of our family who came here and then a few years later, my sister and I came. In the mean time, an older sister had been adopted to a couple in Rapid City. Time passed and when I was 18 years old, the sister who went to the couple in Rapid City tracked me down. She was on her way to Switzerland and we made arrangements to meet. After she got over there, she found our youngest sister, and brought her back for a visit to the USA. We are all full brothers and sisters with the same biological father and mother, but the youngest one was raised by our mother in Switzerland. No one seems to understand all the reasons why we were adopted out, other than our birth father was never around very long and our birth mother couldn’t afford to raise us. She eventually re-married and that man and our birth mother raised our youngest sister and she carried his name.

So now we keep in touch. It is odd for me to have siblings who I was not raised with, that you know are siblings, but yet they seem more like cousins. As for me, the people who raised me from the time I was 11 months old are who I consider my mother and father and evidently  biology is not as important as environment as I am very much like the people who raised me, carrying many of their traits! Matter of fact, my wife tells me I am way too much like my Mom and Dad, in many ways, she finds annoying. 😉

‘Course, I am sure she appreciates all the good traits they passed on to me. And they are many! 😉

Anyway, that is the history of the Swiss kids. Sometime I’d like to find all the others who came over to this area and have a get together. I personally know of one who ranches not far from here, tho’ we don’t have a lot of contact.

Lots of wind. Went out and unloaded the poles off the flatbed and returned it and then just puttered around thew rest of the day and tried to stay warm. Cindy brought some pellets home when she came so I started the first fire of the year in the pellet stove. Had a little leak in the ceiling so there is still a hole up there somewheres, dammit!

Supposed to go in to my brothers tomorrow as my sister from down south is here visiting. Looks like it might be kind of a cool cook out!

Talked to a guy on the phone a friend pointed me to and have a dog on the way. One year old male Border Collie who has his sides and down. Said he’s still a little tentative about working on his home, but that won’t be a problem. I am really looking forward to getting him here and letting him adjust to us and seeing what he will do. The friend will bring him as far as Sheridan Wyoming, the end of the month and might come on over, tho’ it’s not a big deal as I need to go over and pick out some chap leather for a young friend. I think Chance wants a rope or something out there also. Maybe he will ride along.

Just a little drizzle this morning. Lots cooler weather.

I got in another couple loads of hay and then worked on points for my loader and then borrowed the neighbors trailer and went over to another neighbors and got a whole load of old hi line poles. They work great for poles in a corral fence. Only takes 3 or 4 per section and bull stout. Got home late enough that I will unload them in the morning and take the trailer back and then work on fencing off the stack of hay and maybe get started on a new pole fence for the corral. Sure like to get it done before we ship this fall.

Drove down south this morning and fixed some fence, shut some gates and put out a little salt. Grass looks good and the cattle are enjoying it and the cooler weather. Bob and Shadow even got to work some yearlings.

Kenny, the next door neighbor, brought me in some hay today. Bale weighing about 1500 pounds! I guess I better put some more length on my bale wagon. He’s supposed to bring in some more tomorrow, weighing a little less. Hay sure looks good, but then he’s fussy about baling. I’ve heard he will make a bale and then check it for moisture and if it is too wet he will unroll it and wait for the hay to get dry enough. I’ve gotten bales from him and his father in law before and it’s always real good.

I rode Q out this morning to move some yearlings and she sure was full of P&V! Worked her in the round pen a bit and then rode her in there and worked a few kinks out and then out amongst them. She was grabby and kind of a pain in the butt. I swear, you should never brag on a colt or a kid or they will prove you wrong, every time!

She sure has a nice way of going and a sweet lope tho’!

Also, I wrote new words to an old song. I emailed it out and if I get approval from the target audience I will post it on here in the future.

Tyler came out this evening and shot about 50 shells at trap, in preparation for the upcoming pheasant season. My gun wouldn’t work so i cleaned it up a little and it’s working now.

Got the new roof added on to the top of the old roof today. the old one was a square about 6 x 6 feet and flat. We have fought leaks in the living room and kitchen for quite awhile. Patched and tared and fixed and did it some more, but could never make it quit. So I put a new roof over it with some slope to it and covered it with tin, so maybe it will quit. I used quite a bit of Blackjack roof tar so I think I got it whupped, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. come on rain! So I can check it out!

We drove down to the Bull Creek Cafe and met up with a friend from Sheridan who was passing thru’ and had lunch. Good to catch up on what she has been up to. She wants to try riding a Halflinger with her flat saddle, so I told her to bring it over and get on Roz as she is pretty gentle and I’ve rode her a little bit. I know I am looking forward to watching!

that this is the first reading for Mass, on this day.

 Sir 27:30-28:7

Wrath and anger are hateful things,
yet the sinner hugs them tight.
The vengeful will suffer the LORD’s vengeance,
for he remembers their sins in detail.
Forgive your neighbor’s injustice;
then when you pray, your own sins will be forgiven.
Could anyone nourish anger against another
and expect healing from the LORD?
Could anyone refuse mercy to another like himself,
can he seek pardon for his own sins?
If one who is but flesh cherishes wrath,
who will forgive his sins?
Remember your last days, set enmity aside;
remember death and decay, and cease from sin!
Think of the commandments, hate not your neighbor;
remember the Most High’s covenant, and overlook faults.

While we were planing some trees here in the yard today, this goofy goat came wandering up. I walked out to the edge of the road and snapped this picture. He wasn’t probably 100 feet away. then he took off and acted weak in the back end. Some bow and stick person must have stuck him or he was hit by a car or something as he is now laying dead out there in the field. Too bad. Pretty nice little goat too.

After we got all the trees planted I scurried around getting the over flowing tank fixed. Had to go over to Punkin Center and get a new float system. While I was there I got 3 new poles for the tent and some calf feed also. Got all the water hooked up and had to do some patching on the line out behind the house. these trees were in the cooler at the tree place all summer and they looked kind of dry so i hope they grow. If this works we will probably plan on more plantings in the fall rather than the spring.

Dean is supposed to come over in the morning and help me move the heifers across the road. Some knocked down a stretch of fence this evening and were out on the road. I don’t know what scared them and ran them thru’ the fence but they sure didn’t want to go back in the hole they made, but we finally got them and patched it up. Hopefully they will all be there in the morning.

Started riding at 7 am and got done loading the dries out at 7 pm. Long day but got it done and sure got some good riding and training on some young horses.