Corral work

I got the old chunk of corral fence tore out and saved most of it for other projects where strength is not needed as much. I sorted all the poles into similar lengths so I knew how many of each length I had. Then Cindy and I went to Punkin Center for lunch and some posts, wire, calf feed and gloves. I sure wish Bob would quit eating my gloves. Worst of it is, he always just eats the right hand one and then I have all these left handed gloves left. I even turned one inside out and then he chewed on it!

Then this afternoon, we dug holes, set posts and got the first row of long poles up. When you use telephone poles for corral poles, it only takes three or four per section and it can go up pretty fast and is hell for stout! Tomorrow, if the wind don’t blow me over, I will set and wire the rest up and start building a new gate/panel for the opening I am leaving. When I am done I will be able to pen bigger bunches and also have a much wider gate to drag calves out of at branding time or let bigger bunches of cattle out. I will try and take some pictures and post them later.

It was a beautiful fall day tho’ the wind picked up this afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Corral work

  1. Maybe you could leave all them lefty gloves around for Bob to chew….. and hide the new ones!
    Ted made me a round pen out of telephone poles and rough cut 2X6 lumber once- too bad we had to move and leave it behind.

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