Had a great time with the siblings on Saturday. We talked and talked and talked, sometimes even waiting for someone else to quit tyalking! LOL That’s what you get when you have 5 people with ADD or ADHD all in the same room at the same time, I guess. Got to bed kind of late Saturday evening and up real early on Sunday morning. I drove Cindy back in to work and then picked up Briggette and my nieces daughter, Jeanie and we drove down to Rapid for the 7 am Mass that Fr Tyler was the celebrant. After words we went out for breakfast and then on to the airport to meet up with the rest of the siblings as Renae was flying back to Arizona . We all visited and said our good byes and then Mari and Briggette and Velda and I came back to Sturgis. I dropped them off and made it home about 12:30. Had a very short nap and then a friend from Denmark Kelvin, arrived with his wife and 3 friends. They spent the night and left this morning for further adventures out here in the wild west. The men slept in the new tent and we started a fire in the stove and it worked great. Another fairly early morning this morning and now life will be back to normal for a short time.

Heading to Hot Springs this weekend for the Badger Clark Poetry doings. There is a jam session on Friday night and then poetry and music for all and anyone who wants in on it, thru’ the day Saturday and the big show on Saturday night.

We have had some cloudy wet weather with just a small amount of drizzle this past week and today the sun is shining and it’s back to warm fall weather. I am off to work on the corrals.

One thought on “Yaaaawwwwnnnnnnn…….

  1. Have next weekend! Glad you had a nice visit. I was very glad to get back home to visit with my siblings and other family members this year. Makes you appreciate them even more.

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