Wet and cool

Lots of wind. Went out and unloaded the poles off the flatbed and returned it and then just puttered around thew rest of the day and tried to stay warm. Cindy brought some pellets home when she came so I started the first fire of the year in the pellet stove. Had a little leak in the ceiling so there is still a hole up there somewheres, dammit!

Supposed to go in to my brothers tomorrow as my sister from down south is here visiting. Looks like it might be kind of a cool cook out!

Talked to a guy on the phone a friend pointed me to and have a dog on the way. One year old male Border Collie who has his sides and down. Said he’s still a little tentative about working on his home, but that won’t be a problem. I am really looking forward to getting him here and letting him adjust to us and seeing what he will do. The friend will bring him as far as Sheridan Wyoming, the end of the month and might come on over, tho’ it’s not a big deal as I need to go over and pick out some chap leather for a young friend. I think Chance wants a rope or something out there also. Maybe he will ride along.

6 thoughts on “Wet and cool

  1. That whole new dog thing is so exciting. I miss having a good working dog so much. The old ones are gone and Nick never got the chance. Hope yours works out just like you want him to.

  2. yes, that dredded word winter is coming rather we want it to or not. We were supposed to get a light frost last night ourselves. Hope the dog works out the way you want. Never owned a collie always had blue heelers (red).

  3. Well Border Collies are so smart..that I am sure this one will whip you into shape in no time. We work sides and down and come and wait with Chance and we have no cattle just a ball..I hope this pup works well for you! 🙂

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