Lite rain

Just a little drizzle this morning. Lots cooler weather.

I got in another couple loads of hay and then worked on points for my loader and then borrowed the neighbors trailer and went over to another neighbors and got a whole load of old hi line poles. They work great for poles in a corral fence. Only takes 3 or 4 per section and bull stout. Got home late enough that I will unload them in the morning and take the trailer back and then work on fencing off the stack of hay and maybe get started on a new pole fence for the corral. Sure like to get it done before we ship this fall.

Drove down south this morning and fixed some fence, shut some gates and put out a little salt. Grass looks good and the cattle are enjoying it and the cooler weather. Bob and Shadow even got to work some yearlings.

One thought on “Lite rain

  1. Busy as ever! We love telephone poles for fences! Matt always snags them when he can. He comes home early this week and with all the good weather finally coming our way he is going to do hay also! Don’t work too hard!

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