4 thoughts on “This brings it up close and personal

  1. My son-in-law is over there until April. He is a wonderful brave patriot, glad to serve his country. Would so appreciate any prayers for his safe return to his wife and son! And for all our soldiers!

    1. I pray for them all, every day. I have a nephew in the Navy and Cindy has a nephew who was just re deployed.

  2. I have a nephew in the Navy too…I am scared for him most all the time. I am not sure that our soldiers have all the tools available to them to get that business over with and come home. War is business..and that makes me sick. As a former Air Force wife..I will say “where was the air cover?” 😦

  3. Thank you for sharing this sight. Don’t know why these aren’t published so the people can see and then ask the politicians want to cut back on military funding?

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