I follow quite a few. Too many, probably. Some are posted almost every day, some once or twice a week. A few just sporadically.

I hate word verification. Not real sure why anyone needs it, but either I don’t have a problem because of this blog on WordPress, or maybe because I have a Mac. Anyway, I am not sure why anyone needs it, tho’ several authors of blogs have explained it to me.

Hey, I have gray hair and it’s getting grayer, so that my excuse for not remembering what I ought to and for not understanding what I ought to!

Anyway, I have made a command decision. I will no longer post a reply on any blog that has word verification, unless it is a truly outstanding (I’m talking top notch here, folks) post. Like this one.



I like your blog. I read your blog, but life is just too freekin’ short to go to the extra effort with as much time as I should be doing other things and not trying to fill in made up words and/or symbols. I figure it’s all a commie plot anyway!

If you blog writers hate me for this, so be it. Like I said, life is too short and hectic of late. ‘Sides, I rally ought to be doing other things, but I am a voracious reader. Not so much on the comments!

If because of this, it makes you feel you should not comment on mine, so be it.

That is all.